Help with ssd card transfer issues

At the moment I am transferring my vinly to digital straight into the ssd card on my prime 4 and that’s not a problem . My issue is is as you can’t edit the exact bpm of the track through the prime 4 I need to get it out onto the pc but unfortunately my laptop only has usb 2 which to my understanding cannot read ssd cards with a converter . Is there any way I can get the recording (from my ssd card) to one of the usb slots on the prime 4 and is there a way of getting tracks that I put in from the usb sticks into my ssd drive through the prime 4 or do I need a new laptop with usb 3 capability’s ?

Just leave the SSD drive in Prime4.

Reboot Prime4 in computer mode via source - computer icon.

Prime4 will act as a USB drive. You can connect perfectly using USB2. Speed is somewhat slower of course than USB3.

Open Engine Prime and you’ll see the contents of the SSD.

When done eject to safely close the database.

Power cycle Prime4 to be sure of successful mount of SSD in stand-alone mode.

(You cannot copy contents between sources on Prime4 yet; there is already a feature request for that to have as option, so who knows)

Thank you very much for your reply that does reassure me that I can edit the bpms for the tracks without removing the ssd card that’s all I would really need for now .unfortunately my computer just isn’t connecting to the prime 4 I think it’s because I can’t reformat my computer to fat I can reformat my d drive no problem but not my c drive for some reason . It turns out I do have usb 3 though so maybe I can get a ssd card adapter take the ssd card out of the prime 4 and edit the bpms through the ssd card adapter that then put the ssd back into the prime 4 after but I have a bad feeling it won’t work cause of something to do with only cloning the ssd card whatever that means

Wait, why do you even want to FORMAT your computer drives. Nobody says that here! You c-drive needs to stay NTFS.

SSD drive (not card) really can stay in Prime4. In disk management you can assign a driveletter to the SSD in Prime4 and perhaps re-format if no music is on it yet.

I have partitioned my hard drive which wouldn’t allow itself to be turned into fat and formatted the new half to fat . I have downloaded the drivers for prime 4 and have engine prime up and running I have connected the lead tapped computer mode icon the computer connects but no pop down appears and engine prime has no sign of a connection to the prime 4 however when I eject the drive it tells me that it’s ejecting the prime 4 screen so I have no idea what to do next and I have spent hours trying to sort this all because I need to edit most of my bpms of the vinly I recorded to my ssd in the prime 4 and can’t change them using the prime 4 only which is driving me insane I’m hoping that I haven’t got to get a new laptop as I won’t even know that is going to sort the issue or I may be in the same position as it could be something I’m doing wrong and I don’t really want to have 2 laptops if there is a solution to this Please help

Try to start Engine Prime only after the connection between PC and Prime 4 has taken place. Before connecting the USB cable, start the connection driver: a small window will open which also shows the connection status. With the USB cable disconnected, you will see a message saying there is no connection. At that point you can connect the USB 3 cable (blue color) between your PC (use USB 3 port) and the Prime 4. After a few moments you will have to read in the driver window on the PC, that the connection has taken place. If you go to “my pc” you will see the hard disk connected as if it were physically connected to the PC (instead it is the one inside the Prime 4). Now you can start Engine Prime and after a few minutes you should also see the Prime 4 hard disk.

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