HELP! replacement parts needed-Prime 4

HI all. I have had my Prime 4 since early 2020. I am a div and have managed to snap the faders on all 4 channels now. with the constant use of the crossfader, that too has gotten loose. is there anywhere in the UK where i can order; 1x Slide Pot, Crossfader - Numark NS6II / Denon Prime 4, 4x Slide Pot, Gain/Crossfader-Prime 4 and 5x Denon Prime 4 Slider Knob-Prime 4. yes i know i need to be more gentle, i get carried away with Rabid Jungle and in my defence, the quality of the gains and crossfaders is a bit weak. T.I.A

I think ive sorted it now. All for under £70. Thanks for reading.

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Where did you get them from?

I hope you purchased 8 as it sounds like you will need them in the future :slight_smile:

Luckily i found a dude on ebay who has ten. I got 4. I got 4 replacement knobs coming from Merica on monday.

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