Help please, new ryzen 7 laptop and x1800

Hey all, I just received my new laptop and I am having a nightmare getting it to work properly with my x1800. When playing any audio from the laptop to the mixer via USB its all stuttery and choppy. I have been at this all day, trying different bitrates, reinstalling drivers, downgradeing the mixer to old firmware and back to the latest and absolutely nothing works. I’m at a complete loss.

The spec of the laptop is a ryzen 7 4800hs 8 core, with 16gb ddr4 3200 memory and a 1tb nvme ssd. This machine should absolutely breeze this …anythin that is played from the laptop thru the mixer is affected. I have included a link to a short video just to demonstrate the problem.

Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :crossed_fingers:

Leave your mixer on the latest firmware, it has nothing to do with it.

Run a latency checker on your laptop and look for spikes in real time audio processing latency. Unfortunately, that is windows and cpu/ram does not help there. Find the problem service and disable it.

Hello @Timtay1982, Like I told You on facebook - latency here is the issue. Follow the tip from @SlayForMoney to find what process is causing the issue or check the asio driver settings.

Also check that the input sample rate of the X1800 on the laptop is set to the same as the output sample rate on the mixer - if they don’t match you can experience issues.

AMD CPU’s are not officially supported. Has this changed?

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I have downloaded 2 different latency checkers, all tell me that I shouldn’t have a problem :man_facepalming:

Bad, cheap or broken usb cable ?

A semi-severed usb cable can probably still slowly get the message across to a printer but be nowhere near well enough to pass continuous high bandwidth audio streaming data.

Also… check deeply (very deeply for that make of laptop) for the very latest BIOS, motherboard drivers and especially the latest latest usb drivers. If the usb drivers are just the bog standard “what the factory had available from a build 2 years ago” then the usb drivers, especially usb 3, could be a stumbling block of epic proportions.

iObit has their free Driver Booster software. Just be sure to not click YES to everything, but it works very well for a one-time update of your drivers. After that just deinstall it again.

Cheers! Will certainly give that a bash :crossed_fingers: