Help figuring out how to use Engine Prime

Looking for someone familiar with how Engine Prime operates to show me how to use it. I jumped from Serato 18 months ago and I still do not get the best way to use the software, load new songs, transfer playlists, export etc. I know it’s simple for most, but I get confused with crates, collections and playlists and how to arrange them transfer files and organise my music. Surely it should not be so hard! Serato was way easier in comparison so I am not sure why engine seems so hard.

I’m thinking an hour on team viewer would help. Can anyone assist? Willing to contribute towards your time.

As a serato user I’ve been using EP just like I use serato

  1. I Use EP crates (works just like serato) , I don’t use the playlists.

  2. There is some mindfulness needed to transition from laptop to no laptop djing

Collection is all the tracks in your library…the whole nine. Think of it as a base.

Crates - bags of records in no particular order. It does not allow for multiple instances of the same track file. No duplicates.

Playlist - like a bag of records in a particular order of play. Playlist can contain multiple instances of the same track.

Export - copying a selection of tracks you intend to dj with to a usb/sd/installed drive

Don’t export to the same drive you have your base collection on.

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