Hello Stanton!

I’ve just read on the Facebook that Inmusic, who already own Denon DJ and Numark and Akai and all sorts of other brands, have just brought Stanton into the inmusic group of companies.

Presumably it’s for DJs who can’t afford Numark products. image

Got to say though, I really liked my Stanton track ball fx box when I was in my early days of just doing teen parties.

Apart from using their cartridges and stylus’s and a chunky tube mixer with freaky ufo like fader caps back when I still did vinyl, I don’t know what Stanton will bring into the inmusic camp but it can only be a good thing for Inmusic and Stanton both

Stanton ST 150 = Beast of a turntable

Not for weaklings

My pair is now over 10 years old and still like new.

All the fable about Technics longevity proven wrong! I do own technics as well.

I’m going to guess Serato is in the shopping list, just not available at the minute.

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Agree the ST150 is really a beast and really good built, I have two with Concorde Club MK2 it’s sound lot better than pioneer or reloop

Does that include the ImageLine assets?

Anybody remember this beast motorized platter and motorized pitch fader controller?


Also 4 built in LCD’s like for fx names and values… That was a beast controller, way ahead of it’s time…

EDIT: …and notice the text on the bottom say: © 2020 inMusic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Really lightyears in advance, but never heard of the unit before. On the picture it looks like that they built in 9 lcd’s :rofl:

Denon bring back these motorized Faders :cowboy_hat_face:

Motorised faders are terrible for anything other than chunky pitch control and basic volume or slow crossfader Control though.

As my main job is a light designer I use a lot of motorised faders And they are fast and very accurate today. Just need a decent good quality fader not cheap china sh*t. For a pitch fader - this would be great, as with each layer the fader could go directly to that position - no soft takeover needed.

My Str80 decks lasted me years when I couldn’t afford Technics. I loved those decks and rode them all the way into the digital era :slight_smile:

Also someone on ebay is selling an entire stanton digital setup for like 60 bucks.