Hello from Switzerland!

Hi everyone! I’m LVDLS, i started djing a few years ago with a numark mixtrack pro 2, and i bought the denon MCX8000 last year to really start mixing (and i’m quite happy with it!). I like to mix electro in generals, trap is my favorite style but what i search is to mix very popular and old school song with nowadays music, to combine something you know and the surprise of another melodic that fits with it. I did my first real gig in a club last month, and i hope to continue as long as i can. My dream is to create beats and melodics, but as i am a student, i don’t have time and money to go in it. Happy to share with you guys and see you in other threads!

A very warm welcome LVDLS

Welcome, LVDLS! Happy to have you aboard! :smiley: