Headphones not working anymore

Both headphone ports are suddenly not working anymore, they are not outputting any sound. I’ve got this issue after I got my right CUE button replaced (for the second time) last month. However, I didn’t do any sound checks after I got my repaired Prime 4 back.

So it might be related to the repairment, however I also want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything that might interfere with the headphones. Things I’ve tried so far are:

  • Checking the actual headphones on a other device (which work fine) and also using the 3,5mm input.
  • Upgrading the Prime 4 to the latest firmware version, 1.6.2. The problem also occurred in 1.6.1.
  • Checking the channel CUE button, SPLIT button, cue / master knob and the actual volume knob. Also made sure there was no FX filter enabled.
  • Reset all settings to default via the Utility menu option.

Also, the master and booth outputs work just fine. So the player is actually outputting sound, just not through the headphones.

Anyone knowns any other things I could check?

Hello @stefanorie Welcome to the forum. The repair team possibly forgot to plug in the connectors when assembling the unit after repair…?

I would send it back to them.


Yeah I think that’s the only option for now. Is it also something I could check myself? I actually need my Prime 4 for a gig this weekend, mixing without headphones will be a lot more challenging I guess.

Well, to get there is a lot of unscrewing, and Your risk of damaging something and voiding Your warranty. So then You will have to pay for any other repair from that moment even when unit is brand new. I would leave it to the repair center.

I got it repaired and it was indeed a loose connector for the headphone module. I guess they forgot to connect it properly after the last repair. Thanks for the help.

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You’re welcome and happy mixing :slight_smile:

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