Having a hard time adjusting to the Go EQs

Hi All!

I have been DJing for 20 years, and it’s the first time I struggle to adapt to how EQs are reacting. I don’t mind the fact they are horizontal, i’m talking about how they behave.

I know it needs some time to adjust… but i’m just EQing one kick to another, and it feels to me like there’s a small delay. I have to turn pretty quickly to compensate and have the same feeling I have with a club mixer. I didn’t see any time response setting.

Also struggling to have a smooth transition of frequencies. Going from one bass to another, the change is pretty obvious, you can ‘hear’ the mix really clearly. I don’t know if it’s because the curve feels a bit sudden, but I’m used to do seamless mixes, now I just can’t.

I was wondering if some feel the same way and how you adjusted your settings? Something doesn’t feel quite right to me, like not very smooth and natural.

Mine are : Version 1.5.1, EQ type: I tried both Isolate and norm High Xover 2200 hz Low Xover 200 hz

Finally, I’m playing the same track in both Engine Prime and Traktor and the sound is not as clear, a bit more muted in Engine Prime. It’s subtle, but the Kick is not as clean.

So i’m starting to be a little worried about my purchase and I was wondering if you are coming to the same conclusions?

Sounds like you should return the Prime Go.

My Prime Go sounds awesome. EQ works well. Mostly play it on New Soundboks speakers via SKAA transmitter.

That’s probably all it is.

Sometimes Elastique’s implementation on Engine OS seems as if it changes the phase alignment of beat transients a little so that their timing is a bit off, but what you’re describing sounds instead like tone controls response latency like the Tascam X-9 we were talking about the other day on this forum exhibits. I’ve never heard anyone mention that on any Prime tone controls before, though.

That’s not surprising. Engine OS currently does a lot of aggressive processing compared to Pioneers or properly-configured DJ software. So Prime playback currently might sound more mushy overall and also rolled-off slightly on the top-end. This is particularly noticeable on complicated, dense recordings and productions and less so on minimalist stuff I think just because the way the ear/brain work on this stuff, IMO. I certainly would prefer not to recreationally listen to My Bloody Valentine on Prime if I didn’t have to compared to some other piece of gear, for instance. This is one of the disadvantages for InMusic implementing MIDI/HID controller capability on their products as it makes the player audio processing sound quality difference, particularly when comparing keylock off, easier to notice. I predicted as more people tried out controller modes and USB ASIO/CoreAudio on Prime, the sound quality complaints against Engine OS were going to increase. So welcome to the fold. If you choose to keep the GO, please heart this feature request:


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Thank you very much for your insightful reply! I appreciate it :wink: