Hallo in here i need all your help

please may i know if i can do a factory resetting for mc7000 am having problems with it

Unfortunately there is not a factory reset. What are the issues you are having?

Shocking reply from Denon !, dont even know their own kit.

To factory reset a MC7000 Hold Down SHIFT and BACK on either the left or right deck. MC7000 will reboot on its own and be reset back to factory.

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THANKS MAN may i please ask again since you are the only man standing like before powering it i should do this right or what are you trying to say please explain more thanks one again

Man, that is the settings reset in case you change something like jog sensibility inside settings mode.

I´m not sure about what djflevar needs, but I understand he is talking about full firmware reset/reinstall.

You can find the latest firmware in official product page, inside download zip file you will find instructions about what DJ_PaulTUK talks about.

I hope you can fix it, if not star warranty claim in case your controller still have it.

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Thanks man I did it but then it’s not what u are saying thanks any way