Greetings! Prime Go - the best decks for Wild Djing lol

Hey everyone!

I’ve been absolutely loving the Prime Go decks, and have been taking them on all sorts of adventures, with many more planned. You can check out my ‘Scenic Sessions’ mixes here:

Fusing ambient, electronic, house, breaks and drum & bass with beautiful backdrops, and a whole lot of just watching life go by. I’m also in the process of converting a van to take on a Wild DJing tour very soon, so please subscribe if you want to follow the journey!

If you’re taking the Go out and about and have recorded some sets, drop the links here! :slight_smile:


Very cool! Also love the scenery :slight_smile: Yet an advice, never record/film against the sun. Try a different camera angle, so people can see more of you and the unit. Of course, only if possible.

I am a potential Prime 2 buyer (once it gets Serato Pro support like the big brother), but the Prime Go is just utterly cute and fascinating, still kudos to Denon for releasing a product like that! Now of course, going fully wireless, including a reliable connection to a set of small speakers, would be the ultimo for spontaneous outdoor parties, yet Bluetooth delay remains an issue, luckily most boom boxes also support line-in.

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Hi Sorar! Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean, and it’s sound technical advice! :slight_smile: However, a large part of the video is the sunset itself, and I am much less interested in presenting a display of myself on the decks, or being the main part of the video myself. Just going for a vibe and blending the scenery and music, and prefer watching the people when I watch them back lol. I think they will be interesting time capsules to look back on when I’m old.

Although I definitely have a lot to to learn so hopefully future videos can nail the technical video aspects too. I have to carry my whole setup in a backpack to be able to bike to locations so also limited on using more cameras etc…when my van is up and running I’ll definitely have more scope to improve things.

I would love Prime 2 or even Prime 4 one day, but the Go has been amazing for my creativity. I’m finding it has inspired a beautiful musical journey. I hope you have one too, whatever piece of gear inspires it! :slight_smile:

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