Going to Hamburg this september

Hi guys,

My girl and I am going to Hamburg this september. Anything interesting we should have a look at while we are there?

Best regards Engell

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Don’t look any further than the bedroom, mate. :joy:

Seriously. Haven’t been to Hamburg myself, but I’m sure it’s great!

We ordered a soundproof room my friend :wink: And we hope its soundproof from the inside and out :joy:

Its the next “free-weekend” (september 24th, 25th and 26th) we have - without kids, work or gigs.


The “Portuguese quarter” is nice for dining. The bar “Le Lion” serves some very good drinks.

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Thanks Kevin. Very much appreciated - we love good drinks :smiley:

I go a few times a year with work and really enjoy it. It’s only for the day so I do the city centre shops. Unfortunately we don’t do much touristy things.

One thing that often pops up is the mini model city and the Holsten brewery tour. I’ve never been to either though.

My girl friend will not go to the miniature land :joy: I tried.

But the brewery tour could be something in her ‘taste’… Or down her ‘ale’… If you get my point (in Danish it kinda makes sense :rofl:)

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If you guys are thirsty you also might wanna consider a tour of the “Ratsherren Brauerei” besides Holsten. Holsten is more of the industrial scale type of beer, while Ratsherren is a smaller brewery.

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