FX not heard in prelisten cue

When I prelisten a track, I do not hear the channel FX or sweep FX, except for the filter.

My question is if this is normal, especially because the filter is the only FX that can be heard on the cue channel.

The problem is that if I want to mix a track with an FX into the master, I only hear the track without FX effects.

Thanks in advance.


Yes. It’s normal

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Thankfully, the Prime 4 FX are post-fader.

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Is this genuinely a good thing? I’d like to be able to hear the FX on my headphones rather than a clean track in ear and a messy one going out loud?

Is this normal behaviour for most mixers/effects? It’s been a while since I DJ’d and it was probably a xone:92 but this seems odd

Is there a fix or is it something to love with? :frowning:


A good thing? NO!

An unwanted thing caused by another good thing? YES.

The Prime 4 has “post-fader” effects (as they have already written above) so they are processed by the signal coming out of the fader: if the fader is low, there is no signal to the effect generator. The advantage is that when you have an active effect and you pull the fader down suddenly you will feel the effect die a little at a time (with certain effects it is very good) even when the fader is completely closed. This is the good thing. The downside is that the CUE is picked up by the signal BEFORE the fader (otherwise with the low fader you wouldn’t hear anything), so there is no way to add the effect.

What I don’t know is if with some strange artifice (feasible perhaps from software) it is possible only when the CUE is activated, being able to pass the signal from the effects even with the fader is closed, however it would be a nice thing.

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