FX desperately needs update

Hi denon so i sold my djm 900 nxs2 and bought ur mixer i took the plunge … overall im happy no real gripes apart from the effects some are awful tbf im using dvs functions in traktor running on kontrol d2’s also. flanger seriously needs looking at its it’s practically so pinched the frequency it makes my ears hurt it needs softening out. Also delay is very restrictive fx parameters increments need to be broken down way more than ur fixed increments. Build and sound i love this mixer. U have done a really good job on everything else apart from the effects. Could you tell me if ur already looking at this for a future update which is another good reason u have the edge on pioneer… u can physically change the design internally. Withouth being patronising buy a decent effects unit have a good listen and really go for it. As it stands some effects are practically unusable. There is absolutely nothing else i can see wrong with this mixer i can overcome the issue with traktors internal effects. And it hasn’t put me off wanting sc5000s my friend just bought a pair says their awsome but stuck with his pioneer mixer. Keep up the good work u sell ur products at a fair price and with the sc5000s should be a clear industry’s leader so c’mon lets get the mixer sorted. Behringer is taking on the live production scene and people are loving it. U can clearly take on ur rival and ur sc5000s prove that as their way better than nexus2000s. So lets at least get these effects as good as or even better if we can if were going head to head with u know who. Anyone thinking of buying this mixer i would definitely recommend. Thanks


:clap: :clap: :clap: we have some effects that hardly anyone will use. Too bad, because in general terms the mixer is really very good. come on Denon get over this with a good update :wink:

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Some people just need to read the manual.

The effect parameters can already be adjusted by far more than what the big touch strip offers.

For some, effects are a vital ingredient, to make a vanilla song spicy, for others effects are vital to cover up a train wreck of a mix. For others they’re barely needed - dozens of other effects user category’s exist.

Denon however should do absolutely zilch with the effects until they release the public firmware and software to give us the industry leading bpm algorithm and, to a lesser degree, beat grid stretch

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Been djing since 11 im 37 i put that mixer through its paces in five mins its effects are rubbish appart from echo and beatbreaker. And as a techno dj it has to be sounding right. It took a lot for me to plunge from allen and heath to pioneer and only the 900 nxs2 stuck it for me as it sounds awsome on a rig but if ur going head to head u have to at least be on par if not better that nxs2 been around a while u know.Also from a studio perspective these effects sound lame and parameters increments are lame apart from that top notch mixer.

I see where some of the trouble has come from then.

The manual tells how the less in-your-fade controls in the effects section can be utilised.

Many of the effects can have their durations and timings adjusted to the millisecond, not just 4 beats, 8 beats, 1/16th of a beat blah blah, the frequency of the wet effects output can be customised, some effects can be given infinite hold. loads and loads of adjustments, options and custom control - but not all of that would have been found without the manual and/or within 300 seconds.

Effects are in the ear of the beholder and all that. Each to their own. If some button somewhere makes the sound different from normal, it’s an effect.


The quality of the Fx is just that, audio quality on the output :wink: My workbench has a DB4 next to the X1800, the difference in the quality of the Fx is scary :scream: I’m not talking about configuration parameters, can you understand? :thinking: reading the manual is important, but practicing is much more, believe me!

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What one person thinks isnt good, another will think is ideal

If you think the X1800’s Fx are the ideals you’ll probably be the one. Me and others just want to move forward and without new upadtes this will not be possible. With the opinion of everyone, mine yours and others and with the participation of Denon, together we will succeed. greetings to the Australian people at this very difficult time

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In all likelihood - they’re not going to change all the effects just for you, or however many thousands of DJs near you who you interview and get to agree with your exact comment.

It might be worth getting then a 1000 special effect box featuring 1000 effects that sound all about the same as each other and use that to cover up/compliment mixes

It will be so complicated to understand that it is not the quantity that is concerned, it is the quality of what already exists :thinking: Ex: Do you think the reverb sound should not be improved?

Sorry, but those who use fx’s during mixing don’t even know what they do.

Yes i agree its the quality that needs sorting no point having them if they ar harsh loud and hurt my ears. As effects that are subtle can be used to enhance only an edm dj overkills effect over every track. I think im well placed to make this comment as i have used and bought loads of different mixers and sold them over the years as i believe that different mixers have + and minuses. High end mixer low end fx not cool. In my opinion just leave it out or if it can be worked on in a firmware work on it as its more than capable. Try giving it to dave clarke and he would probably be best placed to explain what i mean.

my 2 cents: i understand the reaction here about the fxs…

just listen to the difference of an X1500 Flanger and then from the X1800… its big, and i miss a bit the softness from the old x1500 Flanger FX too, i think the Flanger from x1800 is a bit to Hard, and i know the knob for the frequencys, but this makes no sense is the effect self is not “optimized”, within its different from ear to ear, so the best solution:

Make a Option in the Utilities Settings for “Flanger Hardness - Soft/Mid/Hard” or something so that anyone sets its favorite setting for himself :wink:

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I agree some tweeks needed thats all no biggie really tbf …

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To me, bigger problem with the FX is that I can’t see the way to create long delays with echo and reverb that creates a pad of sound that blends to the other track. About flanger or phaser, I would never use them I my mixing style. I mix only techno and I just need a good echo, a good reverb and a good filter. Only the filter is good enough in the X1800 in my opinion.

Similar to you, I don’t use many of the effects (gate works well with some Old School house but wouldn’t use for newer tech/prog), don’t mind the reverb, but I’ve tweeted it to what I like, filter is great and echo works well on 3/4 but doesn’t tail well enough for a mix, so use it for building instead.