Future Mixer Design Request

On whatever model replaces the X1850, you NEED to make the faders replaceable.

DJMs have a little plate and connector that you can remove from the top of the mixer and replace each fader. I’ve unfortunately broken 2 of the faders on my X1800, and when i looked into repairs, it required a 100% disassembly of the unit to do so.

I can’t find a teardown for the 1850, but it doesn’t appear to be much different.

Please denon, I beg of you. ON the x1900, make it easier to replace these. They WILL break, and I’d like my 1200-1400$ mixer to not be rendered useless by what could be a 30$ part.

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If you’d put this in the formatted request section, I would have voted for it

why put a feature request section under the mixer tab, when there’s a feature request section on the forum itself… I didn’t see it. My bad

Approved here:

Replaceable faders on club mixer - Feature Requests / New/Open Requests - Engine DJ Community