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It may feel that way but not necessarily so. I’m waiting on the very popular ones as well…especially the RGB waveform.

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Reese can confirm that we absolutely do not, unless of course Pasha is also hidden behind the UKs major telecom providers corporate network:) then it may look like we are.

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That point about the faders is perfectly valid, and would be exactly the type of feature suggestion id be on board with, minus the whiskey fuelled rants of course.

If both are the same, then all 141 RGB voters might as well be. So nope.

They share the same currency. That’s a link right there. :wink:


Just my two cents lol

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I know that Reese is on top of things so do most of us too. I’ve seen so much of the ip/multiple accounts ‘Drive By Postings’ I thought I’ll do a ‘Drive By Sarcastic’ responses just for fun. :star_struck:

If one were to actually look at each other’s videos and content then one will see who’s is who.

Have fun and play along.


Haha fair shout:) I like “drive by postings”, might have to Nick that phrase.

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Too late😜

I coined it a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

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