flying with prime 4

hi there.

does anybody here have a prime 4 that flies around cities.

i am really leaning on buying the prime 4 but does that mean i have to check in the unit

or am i able to carry it with me on the plane and set it in the above compartment?

this is the only deal breaker between the prime 2 and 4 for me.

It would be too big, once you factor in a flight case etc, you’d have to check it in I think.

The Prime 4 & Prime 2 are outside the carry-on dimensions. The Prime GO will pass.

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ah okay thanks guys,

i do have a rx2 in a UDG travel case that comes onto the plane with me, i thought the prime 2 would be able to do the same as the rx2 and prime 2 are similar in size compared to the 4