Flexible gooseneck mic

Goodmorning everyone. I would like to install a gooseneck microphone in the back of the P4, the ones with the flexible stem to be clear. I have already tried one that I had at home and who owns the Roland Synth JD-XI, but it doesn’t work. What kind of mic do you think I should use? I found a condenser model of the [ IK MULTIMEDIA Irig Keys I/o Mic ], do you think it will work?

Does it need phantom power?

No no no no no no. All the extra weight and especially the stress of the whole neck and mic being twisted and turned will put massive amounts of extra, and probably unplanned for strain on the xlr socket.

Instead mount a blank gooseneck plate (no electrics or wires) onto the flightcase or desk and then screw a gooseneck (again no wires) onto that plate, with a mic clamp on the end of it.

This also means you’re not trapped to only a few basic “built-into-a-gooseneck” mic models

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If you mean the JD-Xi mic, I don’t know. Technician Roland tells me that it is not good connected elsewhere, it is only good connected to the Synth. I thought it could be fine … it was fine, light and very comfortable to manage … but it doesn’t work on the P4. (I do not know why).

A similar one that I found is that of IK multimedia, but I don’t know if it can fit on P4, I guess so.

@DJ_Didi The Roland model is very light, believe me. Connect and disconnect it in an instant. I would like to find a similar one that works on the P4. Certainly the mic socket on the back should not be stressed, believe me … the weight is small.

Weight is not a problem. You adjusting it, will be a problem.