Firmware for the MC7000

Hi I’ve just got the MC7000 and live it. I have noticed that the last firmware update was nearly 2 years ago. Now that the Prime Series and the Engine software is out there now is the MC7000 gonna be forgotten about when it comes to firmware updates?

The MCX7000 controller only and doesn’t use Engine Prime OS, neither for database management or for running its internals. While it does run a firmware, it is different in the way that it is needed only for ensuring good performance when connected to a software like Serato, Virtual DJ or Traktor. As long as its current firmware is able to ensure the proper controller functionality with the external software and don’t experience bugs, as long as the third-party party software solutions don’t change compatibility wise, the current firmware will not require an update.

As it stands with V2.1, the MC7000 does not need anymore firmware updates. There are no issues. Its a Serato controller, so the status of the Prime models is irrelevant.