Firmware Engine 2.2.2 OS on SC5000M upgrade bug?!

I have upgraded my 2 decks SC5000M from Engine OS 2.2.1 at 2.2.2

One deck is ok, but the other asks me to upgrade despite having already upgraded! See screenshot.

Hey @vigorsolair This is a known issue and is harmless. You can ignore this safely.

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Okay, but technically, why does it happen on one player and the other doesn’t?

I can’t say for sure, other than it’s an issue that doesn’t happen all the time.

I upgraded my Prime4 to 2.2.1 and it’s offering me 2.2.2 directly afterwards. But it does not install this patch. It reboots, dls 2.2.2, getting the install screen and then: NOTHING. It’s still remains on 2.2.1 and asking me AGAIN to update to 2.2.2

Having trouble with another message concerning the formatting of the HDD (exFAT/FAT32) as well. It seems they’re messing up the releases.

I had this too on one of my SC6000s, but it worked after I did a second update.