Filename/tag renaming

I like to see Engine Prime stop renaming my track info

Some examples?

Dragged Prince - Kiss from iTunes but when played in Engine Prime the song is Hot Chocolate - It started with a kiss. Same with this one Alex Newell - Show me love turns into Robin S - Show me love…

Once I remove the problem track from the collection and drag the original back in it works perfect. It’s painful when you make a playlist for a gig and the wrong tracks are in the playlist.

Any idea when DENON are going to update this disappointment of “PRO Software”. ENGINE PRIME is letting the all the great work put into creating the DENON DJ System “DOWN”.

I have had this problem since the uk release date along with tracks playing slow and glitches at the start of the tracks. I have informed the Denon support team of this and sent files to be analysed which were checked out in the U.K and we’re sent to the states to the development team.

All my tracks are downloaded in exactly the same way on the same computer in iTunes which I then covert within ITunes to MP3 format at 256kbps or 320kbps, 44.100 kHz id3 tag v2.3 and have done this way for 20 year or more and used without any problems with every type of software.

I would like to point out that the effected tracks play without fault in both the MCX8000 and the SC5000’s if the are not analysed by engine and will analyse on the SC5000 without any problems.

I have a pair of sc3900,s , an MCX800 and a pair of SC500’s and guess what I use for an easy life, my MC6000 Mk2, rock solid as I have given up on engine of all incarnations until it is sorted out.

Let’s hope for a result soon

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Nice to see I’m not the only one. I thought I was going crazy when it happened first😂 Denon DJ would want to sort ENGINE PRIME out fast if they want to take back the market. I have over £6000 invested in their equipment (2X SC5000 & X1800) and the software that pulls it altogether is awful. I’m actually afraid to update any new tracks onto my USB sticks in case the program screws up what I have already created.

Even a bit of a heads up on when an ENGNE PRIME update is coming would be nice.

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