File unavailable-Playlist v Folder

Hi, not sure if this has been raised before but could not find it. I have created playlists within the software that were transferred to the Prime 4 internal hard drive. Files used to play fine. However, I think after the upgrade to 2.4, some files appear in red in the “playlists” and get the file unavailable message. However, if I go to the “folder” in the same internal HD, the files are available and play just fine. Any suggestions? the files are clearly in the HD. Thank you.

I’ve had this issue with certain songs since 2.4. I cannot for the life of me figure out why my SC Live says they are missing in the playlist. Sometimes I can play them directly from their folder and other times I can’t. However, I have no problem playing them in Engine DJ on my computer.

This is quite unacceptable and unbelievable that it happens from a company that makes “professional” software.

I agree. I have not been able to figure it out yet either and makes no sense.

wow, I may have actually figured out my problem, and hopefully this helps you. One of my folder names had a / in it. Do any of yours have that or some other special character?

Probably overkill, but I created a new folder on my flash drive without the slash, transferred all of my music from the old folder into the new one, and re-imported into an Engine playlist on my laptop. After that I plugged my flash drive into the SC Live, and it’s been working so far. We’ll see if this lasts :crossed_fingers:

Great, I hope it works permanently for you. In my case I do not think it is a folder issue but looks like it may be the special characters in the file names. I tried with one song with accent marks and it seemed to work. Need to try other songs with ñ and see. I changed the name in iTunes, Serato and then engine. If this works, hopefully I will not need to do in all three platforms for each song. Strange that the desktop software works fine and the problem is only at the playlist level in the prime 4 software. I will keep you posted.

That’s great to hear! It’s pretty dumb they don’t incorporate safeguards into the app for this issue, but hopefully we’re good to go now.

Agree. Thank you for your feedback.