Few Niggles with Engine Prime

For me these are the three main issues I would like fixed or amended

  1. Offline storage for Streaming Platrlforms to be made available. If, like me you want to play new tracks weekly. This is essential. I had to get rid of my Beatport Link when I moved to Denon as I could not use the offline storage. It’s like you are paying more for less. Being able to add cue points is a must when dealing with new tunes.

  2. Sort out Album artwork. The fact that album artwork doesn’t show from Bandcamp purchases is really annoying.

  3. Failed to Load tracks. If tracks are failing to load because of special characters in the title or artist, then Denon needs to get on this right away. I have purchases I cannot play on my new decks. That’s not good enough.

I know it sounds like I’m moaning but it’s only because I know how great this setup can be if these things can be worked on.

Can you please give me an example of a song you bought that won’t load on your decks?

Interesting. Can you please send me a copy of your m.db file? I’ve been testing songs with accents and so far Engine has been loading all of them fine.

How do I do that, Shayded?

Attach it as a file to a private message. The file is in your engine library folder.

This looks like it has special characters ( ó) so it will not go in prime system. Change the ó to o and should be fine.