"Fetching Track Info" 5-10 sec delay

Hey everyone, new Prime 4 owner here, coming over from the NI Traktor side.

Loving the new controller and have updated the OS to 2.0, but getting a pretty bad delay with loading songs.“Fetching Track Info” appears for about 5-10 seconds on the track name (in the track list view) before going over to the waveforms.

This seems more pronounced when I am streaming songs (in this case from Beatport). But as soon as it goes over to the waveforms, the download progress bar moves very quickly.

It seems to be having an issue pulling the track info/cues/loops from the SD card (a crazy fast one).

Has anyone else experienced this? I saw a post from June with someone seeing this with Tidal back in June but that was the older OS.

Should I delete off my track info on my SD card? I’ve only cued and looped maybe a few dozen songs so it wouldn’t be too much of an effort, but I’d hate to lose all of my track info if this is a known issue.


Does this delay always occur or only the first time you open the playlist and scroll down the list? I tell you this because I too have noticed this delay, but it only happens once, then the scrolling is fast even using SHIFT + Browse knob.

Same issue…this evening worse that any other time, just kept saying fetching track, had to turn the unit off and on again and was slightly better. Seems a lot of bugs now where you have to physically turn and restart the unit to get anywhere.

Just can’t trust to take it on the road at the moment, with the freezing rolls on the pads, slower search etc. I’m only using it for home use now which is an expensive item for a play around at home. I dare not say much else before a load of denon users come for me, putting me down for having these issues! LOL