Feeding music into Mic Channel

Dear Users, i have just bought a Denon X1800, i was wondering if i have a faulty mic channel or if music cannot be feeded into the mic input. i have tried both mic 1 and 2 3/4 jack and XLR input for mic 1 but still the same result everytime i feed music thought the mic channel the audio is terrible and distorted. i want to know if this is normal or i have a fault mic input. i dont have a microphone to test if that would give clear audio or not. i have tried feeding music through using a phone and than a controller to see if it made a differece or not i feel its a faulty unit. can anybody help me out im still within the return period. let me explain why i would feed music throught the mic channel anyway so wherever im not mixing i tend to hook up the phone to the controllers mixer via a 3.5mm jack to a 3/4 jack into the mixer and i wanted to try this same setup with the x1800 the audio was all distorted i tried playing with the settings within the mixer aswell no luck. Thank you in advance

Hi @Tanox,

Happy to help!

The signal coming from your phone (line level) is a lot stronger than the signal coming from a microphone. In other words, the microphone inputs are expecting a tiny microphone signal and they are getting full line-level, which is only going to sound distorted and crushed. You can try and turn the volume on your phone very far down and even try the mic attenuation in the utility, but i’m not sure this would be enough in the end.

The best way to optimize the signal from your phone would be to use the line inputs for one of the channels on the X1800, this way the signal stays clear and it’ll even be easier to mix in and out.

I hope this helps!

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