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Hi Denon forum, First time here. I’m evaluating the sc 6000 in substitution of pioneer hardware (!!) because of the very good features that it looks that this will have. I think that integration with beatport link is really an added value, so I will suggest two improvement (that I didn’t see in the videos today):

  1. search of the beatport link database by label (feature that we have on rekordbox) and option to sort result by year. Also it will be great to have the possibility to filter by type of releases (stand alone tracks/release=new music) or album (collection= old music). This will let people search for all the newest records from a certain label, new music, sorted by year.

  2. save search queries. So every time i want, with only a click, I can see if this or another label / artist, have released new music. Otherwise I should write everything each time in the search boxes.

Hello @Abriganti, Welcome to the forum. Please use the search function to check if such ideas were already discussed. Also for feature requests we have a specific area and a proper form to fill in for easy communication with Denon dj dev team.

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