Feature request ( think the post is at its max ) Instant doubles and some?

Okay this is a great idea so please do like this, although we have two players per Deck, sometimes it can be awkward on the fly to add in another track on player B and overlay loops with what is in Deck A. Now I am not sure if the players have instant doubles (so it loads the same track in player B), now too add this feature if not already existing but I would like to take it further so in the players and the Prime software When you load a Track in player A using the instant double type method , to be able to link A To B so when you load a track in player A , being able to link up two 3 other tracks and all you then have too do is cycle/Repeatedly through the instant double Control and each time it will load the next track in the sequence/line, so on the fly you can just Skip through to what ever track you decide is rite for your set, saving a whole lot of time and being able to utilise player B in a much more efficient way so its more like a sampler and easy too quickly jump between these tracks and get more creative with overlaying tracks and loops, being able to jump back and too so efficiently is awesome and unique.

I hope you get what I mean, Please Plus one this if you are technically minded or please even if you would not use this advanced method but can see its advantage if a DJ did want to go much deeper with their mixing, I would appreciate that as this is a really awesome Idea and not overcomplicated and very logical. My mixes would be off the chart, no other player would come close, its such things that are much needed injection into the quite stale approach to Djing, we need creative options to take us into the future all about simple flexibility,

Hopefully some serious considerations regarding this.

There is already the instant doubles

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Brilliant so their for easy to add in the extra functionality as I suggest could be an awesome option.

If they Denon are to adjust the instant double feature then I would want a presets option to switch off the instant double. It is too of easy to lose a loaded different tune by accidentally triggering instant double

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Sure their are ways to achieve this, Yes most agreed some features etc should and would have to have options to switch of or customise, Best way really being able to choose certain things or not to chose them. All depends on the controls configuration and exactly how to implement.

For example maybe new control features in future Versions of the SC5000, all food for thought and I am sure Denon would not implement one thing that would have a direct negative on something existing.

for now instant double will have its use although would be nice to elaborate on that providing it does not affect current users.

To me that sounds less like an instant double related feature set and more of a browser/collection syncing feature.

For example, let’s say there is a feature that makes sure that the same crate/playlist/track selection could be synced on all players. For example - you go to a crate and scroll to the 5th song one one playlist - and then you go to the other player, open up the song list and it’s in the same place. Then going through the song list would be as simple as hitting track on each player.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

Yes Setup would be browser related, in an ideal situation to be able to load a secondary track into player B as you load a song in player A (Linked), In comes in handy in practicality if you don’t want to just load the secondary B track from the actual playlist set you’re using having all the B tracks in the same setlist can get things confused at a glance and you most probably will get mixed up when it comes to playing your set, I just think its messy that way So a method in the Browsers in both Software and my prefer method will be to put sets together and save via the SC5000, so in the SC5000 Browser some sort of link button that you can just quite simply link Track A to load a different Track in B, Their are variations to how this would exactly work but keeping it simple A also loads B Track if you have linked them before hand, so everything still works as normal and will not effect others using as standard. in an ideal setup it would be great if this could just be applied to the actual setlist you create and not the original Crates you get your tracks from, this would be the icing on the cake so each set is customisable, I guess that would take a lot more Routing in the browser section for the development team, so failing that more specific method if they are permanently linked until you unlink, then fine still an advantage and a great time saver so you can get straight to the actual mixing of your set, although I think if doable the linking only applies to the setlist at hand is much more flexible but I would settle with either way, Just giving you some examples to stimulate ideas for the future to set the SC5000 above any competitor and make my day, also a Great for marketing.

Just to add before I forget, maybe the linked track could show up in the playlist under its linked A track but either be a more faded or colour to distinguish and not for loading manually meaning you cant click on the linked track B and load it manually the faded or colour to distinguish would just be that visual reference, Probably best to have this as an option in the setup menu as some may just want to see their main playlist. Overall this system is much tidier very useful.

Their are a few ways to do this, obviously all depending on the developments team and what is actually possible and the fastest and simplest method for the user that is the whole idea no messing about in the browser or Messing up your set list and then the overall speed/time it saves can be valuable the sooner you are ready to start sampling using your loops from your tracks in player B the better you can concentrate at the job at hand, seconds mean everything in the mix and not forgetting the memory aspect so having another track tied/linked saves all that extra forethought knowing you have tracks that work well together and after time of setting up all cues and loops and linked tracks it will be a very enjoyable time just mixing tracks on the fly.

Their are so many little things this could be developed it all starts with one practical idea, I myself have dozens of sets to play but I have just been saving them up, until 1) I can find Space with my video cam to video me live in the mix and secondly I am just waiting on the next steps in the evolution of the SC5000 to see what happens for me its this method to create and save sets via the player I wish on first, Maybe I will be lucky in this wish, but never the less just thought I would hold out to see what’s up next.

These players are awesome all I can do is hope on absolute perfection. I know you are working hard and will get things wright in implementation of.

Many thanks.

Wouldn’t a way of recalling chunks of a previously played set give rise to stale, or repeated sets?

The DJ would have to unload a linked/loaded track in order to give originality to their sets.

These things are so great BUT would LOVE…

Pitch/Key Play (shift)

Rate tracks on the players

Record to USB! Pretty please! : )

Search Key/Tempo Matching files at the same time like Rekordbox. I must admit. I love that

And honestly that’s IT! These things are pretty awesome as-is but those things would be icing on the cake!

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So best way I can think of then and My final way of thinking put into perspective !

So here how it goes, We put a set together as a playlist and we also add the track in we want to be linked via player B underneath the track going in player A and the most direct way to link in the software (Could maybe be a right click option) which could be the best way as in the future other features could be added or might you may want an option for !! (multiple B tracks I will explain in a moment - this would be the best way and will also ensure your sets are not stale S Anderson, not that I think they would with the one B layer it only an extension to save time and make things more accessible). So anyhow back to the Linking, when we use the link it will then show that B track in the playlist as faded or a dull colour text and that track is locked out from loading manually but only in that one instance and that one playlist should not matter if you want the same B track a few times in the same set the because the linking only applies to that line in the list that you are linking, so best way is to have the browser lines as what links the track that you put on that line ( It will may probably be a two link stage in the coding to achieve that but as I do not code I speculate and leave that to the development team)

Multiple B tracks To Future expand, more or less the same method but obviously the development team would make it so these tracks are loaded in order of which they are listed on the lines in the playlist as its about the line and then the tracks on the lines in the browser although this is where the right click option in the software could come in handy. If we have say the option of up to 3 B tracks in the second Version after we have tried and tested the Single track linked in a first version then later it could evolve to maybe up to 8 linked although their would have to be another way as visually the 8 would hog any view of the actual playlist itself/ the A tracks / full tracks, so an option to hide the B tracks or just show the first 3 or what ever you wish, all customisable you See all via the right click option, Now with these number B tracks and us now having the option of more B tracks we could have a feature similar to the clips follow action in ableton live I guess you can see that advantage now I hope and ( no stale their Mr Anderson and the whole system is quite flexible providing the Development team can eventually achieve so you could switch off maybe so the playlist reverts to its A player playlist state, I mean more detail and such things like this are all doable if needed at all, something that needs to be thought about in a little more detail as the development teams Progress and can see any little flaws that may need addressing so as not to effect any standard methods users prefer)

Now to address the hardware which is most important for me but hay maybe start with the software and expand the idea to the hardware as it evolves as its all about screen space on the players, I get that! , overall most I would imagine is still doable the same way and as I pre mentioned this system would/could be customised by a user for the views and what he wants to see in the playlist etc, so this would be best as a whole new screen to flick to as we get a set together on the players (That what I want independents from software if one wishes or as near as hardware development team can achieve to independence) this new screen page also including what would have been the right click options in the software you see how this can take shape this system call it what you want Denon.

Now still talking about the hardware, maybe this system at its full will have to be on a mark2 player so we could add a few extra controls or/and labelling, Because the Icing on the cake this is how it goes?

  1. We can load our track in player A And if linked it will load the First track in the line of linked player B tracks (Or later versions what ever the follow type action/behaviour dictates) the usual hardware controls /method obviously.

  2. we then need to set up a method of scrolling/loading these tracks in the line Obviously we are not using follow type action in the same way as ableton automatically switching from clips clip (in our case loop to loop) Instead its as we use our hardware control gestures it up to us to click/push/etc to send it onto to the next in line.

  3. so as we evolve the hardware may need a mark two, although I guess we could do the best part if not all via the current controls (a loop jumping type drum/sample/follow grid view could be awesome so in essence we are turning player B into a mean lean sampling machine which could also then in the future go onto saving sample sets / chopping the samples out into another folder as sets that we could then refer to in setting up future sets) So control methods are subjectable although needs to be a simple click or hold down a button or pad or a screen system as I just mentioned would be ultimate but keeping it simple also in the first instance and early evolution a basic Control triggering method to switch/scroll and load player b track line, hold down a button or pad/ shift or ? and again push load and each time it jumps/loads through the B track list awesome and thus you can evolve the system into other area I mention with various methods of doing things and alter down the lane it can evolve and be part of the sampling/sampler system.

I see these players as the ultimate all in one players the new standard that all pros will jump too those that want and need to stand out without the hassles of a separate sampler if such a system is evolved and done uniquely as this, okay their are similarities to some standard dj systems but nothing also hardware based that can come close, its about taking full control of your Djing being flexible so as to be Unique, other little things can evolve within this systems to perfect it (after time as we build our own personal dj sets to pull from on the fly etc and just have fun trying to be the best we can if that is your thing, nothing stale here and a whole lot of time saved to concentrate our efforts to being unique or just dam good at what we do, its all about the music a reason why I don’t overly bother about the sync stigma these days as we are in a new stage and if its left to the usual makers of dj gear it will be all fads or going no where , but instead I see an opportunity for Denon who I love based on past equipment to make money and make a lot but without ripping us off like you know who making us think we want something to only find out it goes no where much past where we were years ago, Think big think practical or go home, I can see how you can make money in quite a few ways but without taking advantage because we can get what we want, one future suggestion maybe have the new Drum sampler type screen as a paid add on, once we get a taste off the early parts of the systems 1-3 B tracks lines off course we will pay for the full system or advancements (Okay maybe a mark2 because of other things as well) but beyond getting that perfected or if this can be done in mark1’s or part of this system , your customers will have a jubilee at not having to keep buying or feeling Ripped off my the evil marketing campaigns releasing one after another its plain wrong, although with some concession on you making money on a mark2 that understandable and fair unlike Pioneer their I said it pioneer blackmailing and stagnating our Creativity ) you can destroy them and make it accessible to most people based on your fair pricing we see now so the many marketing ideas can be fair but very profitable. If you like you may want to remove/hide my last few post to hide this before it gets out !! It all seems correct to my way of thinking, Lets break away Denon and nothing will affect standard users.

Thanks for listening excuse any typos etc its a lot to get out of my head without ordered notes.