Feature Request ""Saved Related Tracks"

Hello Everybody. In recordbox a real “Killer Feature” inmho is the function “SAVED RELATED TRACKS”. It would be fantastic if we could join a similar function with the Prime-Series. Very HOT Feature!

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start one in the right Area for the P4



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This is what happens anyway when we use filters, isn’t it?

I’d be worried about cloning. Where one gigs music follows the previous gigs music because the recommendations of what to play next or tracks that go with this track etc all pop up in front of us again and again

I do not mean any kind of classic genre Filter etc. Just the “SAVED RELATED TRACKS” Option. Means thar RB is remembering Tracks i played before or after the current track. By selecting this list i get all Tracks i ever played before or after teh current track. Amazing!

So this part of this gig can be a clone of the gig where you last played that track. There’s a lot of this going around by some DJs sharing each other’s playlists/history lists, and it’s terrible and kills inspiration and originality in my option. Of course it’s Chancey to try a different pair or run of 3 or more tracks in a different order from the last time, but maybe you’ll find a selection of tracks which goes even better than the sequence you had saved.

Again just my opinion, of course.