[Feature Request] Instant Doubles should be the other way

Hi All, I’m a brand new happy sc5000m owner and I LOVE this player ! And I think we can improve them even more.

Instant Doubles (DVS way) is a very handy feature, especially when we mix with only one deck, but the way it is currently implemented in the sc5000m, ads extra steps to perform it.

Let me explain: a song is playing on Layer A, I want to instant doubles it on Layer B then load another song on Layer A. With the sc5000m we have to:

  1. Select push Layer button to select Layer B

  2. Double click on Load button to instant doubles the track on Layer B

  3. Press Layer button again to select Layer A

… quite a long process …

So I propose the double click on Load button (or Shift + Load button ) directly instant doubles the track on the other layer, at least in single deck mode, in network mode (with ethernet cable) the current behavior is OK.


Different behaviour based on different configurations is a big no-no in my books. I want my decks to always behave the same way so that I don’t accidentally screw up a mix.


Could be possible to add extra config settings in utility menu to select specific ways of behaviour. But to have different behavior based on mode is prone to mistakes

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OK you’re right, so using SHIFT + LOAD button to do that is probably a better solution


So What do you think @denondj guyz ?? SHIFT + LOAD to instant doubles the “not active / second” layer could save us a lot of useless manipulations and it’s not a big deal to implement !

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Plus one all the way on this, must be a simple one step process.

Although I would also like an option if you wanted to pre plan a important set - to be able to maybe grey out tracks in a set list, so you would know what tracks were only for using in layer B ( loops to sample ) 2) then a simple process to link the greyed out track if you wanted, to link it to the track above it and it would instant into layer B as you load a track into layer A. (Obviously this action should be available via the players) This would really open up what we could do! must get this requested.

No, no and no again. Plan your box, absolutely, but plan your set? Can’t call yourself a DJ if you do.

Okay being polite about it, you honestly think that if I was playing one off events i would not make sure my set was absolutely flawless and wanting to stand out, yes great if its a regular residency you can just play your heart out and go with the flow I am all for that, but I would not risk major events and just go with the flow, but I do believe having a small crate of tunes and just going for it is much more satisfying, and would be the ideal way to go for me, but its nice to be able to smash the place with a pre planned set that you know is flawless and full of skills, long mixes, overlaying the early breaks were I can to create interesting mix overlays, and just creating cool rhythms etc, I am a extremely technical DJ, so things have to be better than the rest if I can do so. all though Mobile djing and local bars etc are a more relaxed affair, not that I do the mobile thing.

I do agree with you, but if I have the tools and tech I will use it, I would have loved to have similar beat grids markings like Serato or even better and cleaner as in mixvibes Cross DJ you can set the extra Grid markings to show either 16bar 32bar 64bar markings or a systems that combines all these as various thickness of markings, with this I can go all night quite perfect and on the fly with a massive varied collection obviously depending on what genre/sub genre, but to be able to see and calculate the perfect mixes with the visuals and even the unexpected cream in exiting blends, i am that kind of DJ although tech still lets me down in some ways, so hoping i can get a few more things implemented in the next few firmware updates, but overall Denon is not to far off perfection.

But yes thanks for the Concern but I have a whole lot going on in my way of doing things, been at it since 1985 decks and all the tech, so I know my stuff but I appreciate or advice - ish less the remark cant call yourself a DJ i would say absolute bull… I would say you know nothing really because I kick all I play next too and had a few personal achievements far better than your average DJ. And that all that matters the end result and the mixer skills and standing out above the rest is my personal standard if it isn’t as good as say the best essential mixes their has been then i would not bother full stop, if i did not have that standard as my goal every time I play a decent event, I have push myself although can do even better and shine with the sampling overlays but need a request to help with the smooth running’s of this regarding playlist.

I go deep man, and am probably one of the most dedicated and passionate Djs you will come across, i could waffle on, so nothing personal too you pal, just think your ending remark was very ignorant and maybe unknowledgeable. But i forgive man, heard it all before and it don’t count for anything because I know different and that’s another things that matters doing things your own way and how you go about your DJing is a personal thing. The crowd rocking and getting entertained Epically and for me their enjoyment above the normal or average is my reward and to die for.

Cheers Yeltsin no offence intended just had to explain what I am about, pure passion mate just a pity i don’t play our these days, but Jealousy of others or not understanding my passion has cut me short many times, and for me standing out and getting the dance floor rocking or twisted has worked against me with local clicks, not good showing the other Djs up, my demise that and being an aging loner/family man means opportunity don’t come my way these days, too have a good residency then I could twist things and enjoy my life all on the fly and a chance to dream big

But if I am not a real DJ then so be that I say with a bit of a chuckle and its all Cool in that department dude don’t worry about me.

I’ve been using a single 6000M the last couple of weeks and I agree with this feature request as it seems natural to instant double from the current deck layer to the next layer.

If implemented, one doesn’t even have to switch layers throughout a set when using one deck.

  • load track on Layer A

  • Hit Play

  • Double click load - instant double track to Layer B

  • Move fader to opposite side

  • Scroll for next Track still on Layer A

  • Instant double again

  • Rinse and repeat

But what happens when someone is using 2 players 4 layers.

I’m guessing that’s why they implemented the current way, allowing instant double on receiving layer or player.


Finally a constructive post.

Someone has warned the double click could be confusing because with 2 decks, the double click is already used to instant doubles the other deck.

So the SHIFT + LOAD is a better solution IMO.

I’m sure it’s not a big deal to implement and this provides a great value !!

If you’ve been DJing from ‘85, why on earth do you need to plan a set? Surely you have enough mini-mixes that you’ve done 100s of times that you can sequence together and know that they just work? I can have a set of tunes I’ve never heard and mix them flawlessly, I can play a pre-planned mix and balls it up, it’s responding to the crowd that makes a DJ, not the mixing, and you will never justify away a pre-planned set. Sorry.

Edit - for clarity by pre-planned I’m talking about a mix “tape”, not in a live situation.

Please, continue your discussion in private with Jace…it 's def interesting to talk about how to plan or perform a live set (as a long time Dj I face off the same question before each main events) but it has nothing to do here.


Is there an option yet to turn off instant doubles altogether l, so that no mixture of buttons will wipe out whatever you already had prepared on your other layer?

I haven’t applied updates or even used the decks since lockdown.

To instant double you need to do some deliberate actions which under “normal use” should not be an issue.

  1. Hold sync for a few seconds (hold sync on the opposite deck or destination layer)

  2. Double click the load button (also on the opposite deck and destination layer)

That’s the way to instant doubles, do you do any of that?

So it’s reasonably fool proof as it is.

No way to turn it off in settings.

I could have sworn there was a settings for it before. Minds playing tricks

Yes. I occasionally use sync on two different tracks, while I get to work on a third track - so I’ve sometimes accidentally activated the instant doubles while trying to finish sync

(I don’t use sync if I’m only mixing two tracks - before anyone starts haha)

And yes I’ve occasionally accidentally double clicked the load knob when I’ve meant to hit it once.

I would never (as far as I’m aware currently, and I’ve been doing gigs for a long long time) want to play around with instant doubles , so a menu option of “instant doubles (on <——-> off) would be very useful as whatever you’ve got ready in your other layer gets unloaded, potentially seconds before you needed it


No harm in starting a feature request thread for it. Serato has the option to turn it off.

@ yeltsin I can mix tunes randomly on the fly and make all work not a problem, but I have over 3000 trance tunes and similar in progressive and then a large house collection, but needs some attention, saving for larger SSD drives and one for each genre, at present they are all on one drive on my pc, but yes I can mix and match or stick to same genre, and be quite flawless not a problem. but when I move into wanting to consistently do long mix transition and not talking first section or a bang bang etc and in, I prefer to get really interesting combination and let them play for a minuet or eve nearer too two on occasion overlapping first breaks, stepping up as we go into next section and so on until the big break or breakdown. but their is a difference in doing a good mix and almost a remix as the opposing tracks blend and weave etc, this is were anybody is better to use the Tech to its full use to achieve this type of mix almost every time. On top of that yes is easy to throw songs together, but to go above and beyond a good basic mix and taking into consideration the whole flow of the mix and maybe being able to mix really interesting tracks here and their you may not expect yet still make it fit in the mix smoothly ( cant really explain the complexity in my thinking ) its an art.

anybody can throw similar beats together and have a standard set like most do, that bores me silly and in a club its hard to find DJs that excite they all the same to me and dull, i always try to not go for the obvious beats, but on the fly no Guarantee it will be Epic and flowing for the entire mix. so in a relaxed environment on the fly fun and I can push everything, take even more risks and learn in a organic manor, really mate it all no big deal, but to try and categorise every DJ or even understand that DJ (or not a DJ ha ha !) and dictate a narrow minded ideal is so stagnating in my eye.

and play for the crowd is a big no!, only time maybe with friends at home as they get to know certain tracks they like, but all my life its about escapism i just don’t want to hear the same ole same, party party party hah ah makes me cringe, as do the boring easy sets that don’t go any ware or have character, Sorry pal I just don’t dig your way of thinking, I am not a DJ, I am that kind of DJ so get over it please, you will never understand only few do, can be all words about nothing but I have a strict Discipline and many ways of working, i encompass all, time and a place for it all.

Just waiting on a possible upgrade with the set list hopefully, and I can start adding even more in the mix and utilising all four channels and sampling with layers B, and yes I can mash it all up on the fly much fun, but to take it up many levels and be a legend in your own right does take the utilising of the tech, its 2020 wake up and why not go and ask a DJ in a major event to play for the crowd and what you want to here, think he will be bothered, in some sense but 99% of the time you wont get time of day, they will play what and how they want, end of, so I say politely your the wrong type of DJ that’s how we have always seen it in such comments, your just plain wrong. a migraine coming on having to turn my mountains into your mole hills, but a majority don’t get it and cant see past their own way.

I don’t mean to be insulting in anyway, its all small talk and just my way of thinking about myself and justification here in, nothing personal. (what is a persons Definition of a DJ) Figure it out in 2020, their is so much to be and that can be with an open mind.

each to their own, I help others but never diss them, respect no matter what music and their skill level even if I hate the music, their is still a respect for a fellow music lover .

Sorry, its done, its over.

I like your passive aggressive reply; I respect your opinion, but this is what a DJ is. It’s ■■■■■■■■ btw, I can remix on the fly, create mash ups on the fly, and mix flawlessly. What you are asking for is a crutch, and any DJ that DOESN’T play to the crowd, isn’t a DJ. Sorry, there isn’t a single DJ worth the name that will agree with that.

Now as I’ve already been told of on this thread, if you wish to make another passive aggressive reply, please do it to me privately.

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In fact, when he said it’s done, it’s over, I thought that he meant his side of the argument altogether

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