Faulty fader cutting sound out

Have noticed that when channel 2 fader is touched it mutes the output, unless very carefully moved. Particularly sensitive when nudged to the left. All channel dials are at 12 o clock. Have not tried cleaning yet but apprehensive to explore too much without checking guarantee situation out. has anyone experienced this? Many thanks

Try a clean by spraying air from a can of compressed air cleaner all along the track of the fader, move the fader to a different position and spray again.

Inmusic with usually give benefit of the doubt to the first fader repair that someone sends their unit in for, within warranty, but not seconds or third faders etc - that’s attributed more to user damage - even though l, of course, all controls are handled with a feature-like touch, only 1 minute a week, and never leaves the house etc

Hi that’s great thanks will give it a try. Unit was from getinthemix and is unfortunately 8 months out of warranty, although they have been very helpful with advice etc