Fault on engine 2.2

hi guys, I’ve updated my prime 4 to engine 2.2, I’ve also updated engine on my MacBook Pro to engine 2.2, I’ve just done a couple of edits and tried syncing to the prime 4 (I have an ssd installed in the prime 4) but for some reason the sync drive runs, but does not upload new files/folders, it also loads an older file tree in the prime 4. I removed some dated files for past weddings from the prime 4 these were dated for example 8-2-22, as soon as I sync drives it put them back on the prime 4 (as empty folders) along with several other old folders. engine also wouldn’t allow me to drag new folders onto the prime 4.

I have just reformatted the drive in the prime 4 and so far I can now drag & drop file folders, I’ll see if sync drives will now work.

just to update I have just run sync drive on engine 2.2 and its not uploading any folders to the prime 4.

my set up is engine 2.2 desktop on MacBook Pro late 2015, prime 4 running engine os 2.2, a 1tb ssd formatted to ex fat inside the prime.

I have wiped/formatted the drive in the prime 4 and this has made no difference to syncing drives, before I reformatted the drive I could not drag & drop ant folder to the drive, luckily I can do that now.

Hey @kev-n Thanks for sharing this information. The team is aware of this issue and are working on it. If you have no issues with Engine DJ 2.1, I would suggest continue using that version as the team works on this.

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cheers Anthony, another issue I have found, in my folder structure for example I have 80’s with sub folders popular tracks, number 1’s pop etc If i have a track in number 1’s and popular tracks, it will only sync the track in one folder, so numbers 1’s but not into popular tracks, the tracks are in the folders in engine but just do not sync across