Fader on X1850

Hi Guys,

I’m not a DIY guy, but fader 3 is kinda broken and my Denon suplier wont have a new fader home within the next month or so…

So is it possible to switch fader 3 out with fader 4, if I open up the unit - is it a easy “no-brainer”?

I know I could just route it to fader 4, but I prefer using 2 and 3 as my main decks, and with a competetion coming up, I would like to have it my usual way.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards Kim

The faders are soldered to the front plate PCB, You need at least basic electronic knowledge and soldering skills to change a fader in X1800/X1850.

Thx my friend. :pray:

Will faders for X1800 work? (If you know)

If the size and impedance is the same, and both have same fade curves, then will do. For example, very popular faders are B10K, B20K, B50K B stands for linear fade curve, and 10K is the impedance in Ohm (10 000 Ohm).

Fader specs are probably nearly the same. The feel isn’t.

These are soldered on faders, so I imagine they are the same across all four. Their also not brand specific to denon/InMusic, so if you have the part number you can order a replacement from any components supplier.

If there isn’t a part number, you can measure the resistance and curve. Then order a fader that matches spec.

Hopefully denon goes with user replaceable channel faders in the next mixer.

Faders are the same ones that InMusic uses on all their equipment. This website sells replacements:

there’s 6 points to re-solder. Relatively easy to do cause there’s plenty of room around the faders, but disassembling the thing is a pain in the ass. Requires a 100% breakdown of the entire mixer to access the faders, unlike the DJM series with an access panel.

Thank you so much :muscle::fire:

The X1700 has an access panel as well.

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