Factory reset is possible?

Hi i brougth a prime 4 3 weeks ago, upgrqde to 2.0.2 and i have a lot of problems, how can i restore to 1.6.2? I think this is factory versión of my prime 4

You should get the firmware copy of that old version. Maybe it’s on the Denon DJ website.

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What problem have you with 2.0.2?

Hi, with echo effect the máster volume go to +10db and when turn off echo return to normal level, normally - 2 or 0 db, if you use any effect before auto gate when you want use autogate don’t work and work the other effect and the quantization of the effects not work correctly, all it happens with 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, i find the 1.6.2 versión in engine.com/dowloads and make the downgrade a few minutes ago and works ok. Thanks for your response

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This joke with echo effect also happens with older versions (1.6. *), So you don’t fix anything.

To avoid this problem, you need to turn the Wet / dry knob fully counterclockwise to mute the effect volume BEFORE changing the effect. Then you can go into Autogate, so you don’t have the flaw you say.

We know this is a bug and that it shouldn’t work that way, but with the trick I wrote you you can get around the bug.


Thaks for response, i brougth 3 weeks ago and if i know this i dont buy, hope denon fix as soon as posible.