External live sampler or effect station to plug in Primne 4

So, my idea is to OUT Booth inside a sampler and plug it IN again in line 3 pf Prime 4. So I can sample a bit of what is playing and re-insert through line 3. My goal is to have a roll effect on which I can actually put some nice effects. Now, if I use the roll effect on a track, I cannot put other effect on top of it (that is a bit shame since there are the new touch effects… It would be perfect if they could act on top of the others). What do you think, can it work or I will get too much latency? And what gear can I use for this, do you have any suggestion? I was thinking ROLAND SP-404 MKII, but maybbe is too much for the simple stuff I want to do.

We actually can combine the touch fx with the main FX. However, in the current topology the main fx are routed after the touch fx.

You could use the filter roll in the touch fx and use the main fx on top of that. The filter roll in the touch fx can work quite similar to the main fx’ roll with an additional resonance control, that is actually lacking on the main fx.

thank you, I did not know that. Also I dont remember the roll touch effect, I installed the upgrade and tried but then reverted to the previous firmware for various reasons. I will take a look on that, thank you

So I tried now:

  • plug the booth out in line 3 is not working well, I get a very noisy and distorted sound

Upgraded to 3.2 but:

  • the roll touch effect is good, but it lacks a wet/dry so is not possible to have a smooth fade, you have to stop it all at once, hope this feature will be in next upgrade.
  • the new normal roll filter (on the knob) now sounds different, is not really well mixed as it was before, now you get this “valley” where volume go down, and that takes away the energy of the song. Hope it can be fixed.

Yeah, if you send the booth out back to a line input directly, you will create a feedback loop. Technically you could use the headphones output as an fx send channel. I’m not sure if that is a real practical solution (it probably isn’t :slight_smile: ) but at least you won’t create a feedback loop this way.

I wonder if Denon could (via firmware) allow the zone output to be used as a send?

Back in the day, before Denon added the mic signal to the headphones, I used to route the master output back into a spare channel, so I could monitor myself via that channel’s cue.

The cue signal, via the headphone output, is a potentially useful “FX send” but you’d have to be careful not to allow your actual cueing to be heard from the speakers. :slight_smile:

Yes, that would really help for sure! I actually created a feature request a while ago to send the cue to the zone outputs. This could potentially be (ab)used as a poor men’s send effect. Here it is: https://community.enginedj.com/t/cue-to-zone-out/49804/4 Until now I’m the only one that voted on it though :roll_eyes: