External Audio Issues w/ Prime 2

Hi guys, I am having an external audio issue with my left deck on the prime 2 a few months after use. What is weird is the sound is coming through the headphones on the left deck, but I can’t get any sound to the speakers or to my computer. The right deck works perfectly fine. I’ve never had any issues and in the middle of a live set, the left deck’s external audio completely stopped working. I have troubleshooted everything I can think of from effects, to cross fader, to master and booth, etc… like 4 or 5 times and nothing seems to be happening externally. I’m not sure how the sound card works just for the left side vs the right, but it does seem to be really strange. Anyone have similar issues?

Hanzz, Sorry to hear about the issues on a job I know the feeling. I haven’t experienced your particular situation but when I was having sound issues with the mic buttons and talk over I reinstalled the latest update and it solved my issues. Not sure if this will solve yours but it might be worth trying since you have already tried everything else. Hopefully it’s not a hardware issue. Good luck!