Exporting new metadata FROM (not to) Engine Prime

The Sync manager has an option to grab new metadata from my Prime 4 internal drive - but I want to go the other way (export new metadata from EP to the Prime 4).

I’ve exported my library, so all my tracks are on the Prime 4. However, I know that there’s some metadata missing or wrong in my library - which I can correct in EP.

But how do I get that updated metadata to the Prime 4? I don’t want/need to export my tracks again, just update the tags.

Is this something that just happens anyway? Would EP realise that it needs to sync the data?

As for now, its only the “full” export/ transfer of the tracks.

However… the “workaround” I use, is that IF I know there´s a track with wrong metadata, I connect my drive to Engine Prime - make the corrections ON the drive (In the device-tab) and then sync that updated info back in to EP.
(I know this was not what you asked for)

I bet that Denon will come up with a solution for this at some point.

At some point? Yeah, in maybe three years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your method sounds like a plan. Thanks!

Looking at how fast Engine Prime has evolved since the new Dev team started, I think it will go faster.

But dont know if there is a feature Request for that function… you could do a search and if not, make a request :muscle: I will support it!