Exporting from Engine 2 to Prime 4 SSD taking forever with limited amount of new tracks

I current run engine prime 2+ with a prime 4 also on version 2+ cant remember which version but trying to get an understanding how the sync to the hard drive feature works.

So I have about 18000+ mp3s on the hard drive and in the engine, they are split into genre based playlists (about 8 of them approx).

So typically might get 5 to 30 new tracks across maybe one or two of these play lists.

So do an export and then have to wait often over an hour plus.

I do select every playlist ticked to sync that I require on the machine, even if they are no new tracks in that playlist (as was told I think previousily that if I dont tick to export them it will remove them from the SSD - would like to confirm this is correct). When syncing the spinner and progress bar since 2 does not update until after it has finished the playlist, but it will take a very long time syncing a playlist which has zero changes and no new tracks to sync.

Do I have to sync these playlists even when there is no new content to keep them on the SSD or can I not check them to speed things up and they will be left as was before the sync and still exist on the SSD. If I have to export all the playlists to have the fully libary on the SSD then what can I do or am I doing wrong that is making exporting like a dozen plus tracks take forver, if I just export to a usb pen drive fresh it will be export these tracks only in a minute or 2.

I’ve tried formatting and increasing the allocation size of the file table to speed up writes and reads on the SSD and also to setup the libary again.

Used to be alot faster and could see it spending very little time in playlists (or crates in version 1) when there was no updates to download, but now takes ages, and last thing I want is to wait 1 to 2 hours to add some tracks when you looking to have a mix straight afterwards.

What is going wrong or am I doing wrong for it to take so long, never used to take this long on the older versions of the software and firmware?

djrobst, I’m having similar problems/issues. Been thinking about dialing up tech support (again). Full on lists disappearing, the “packed” column doesn’t have a dot (yet, the songs ARE on the drive). The Sync function of the software deletes lists, erases cuepoints and data, and I just don’t understand why we’ve gone backwards…it shouldn’t be this difficult! I have also been dealing with setting up SoundSwitch (Engine Lighting), and that’s what led to the issues I’m having. I would hope the instructions (which leave things out or make false statements, based on how the software is actually working) would be updated to fill in the holes or even a nice instructional video, that doesn’t leave out any steps, would be a nice thing for Denon DJ to do. Anyways…back to “trying” the software. I have events to prepare for.