Export to MCX8000 - Files not Found and Missing!

Files are added to the USB Drive and play fine on my PC but when I export to MCX8000 they turn red . Help need quick .

The files might be of a file type or parameter not supported by mcx8000. Although it has engine Prime database software feeding it, the mcx isn’t a Prime so doesn’t play as many file types.

Downloaded files might be all sorts of file types , supported and not

Don’t think so … seesm to have started since I updated the Software !

Hi Yes this is happening when I export to the thumb drive.

Just to make sure: In Engine Prime go to Settings -> Library tab and under the Support section ‘Enable MCX8000 Compatibality’ is turned on?

Yes its activated ok . Missing tracks seem to be new tracks I have just imported into the main collection before adding to the memory stick .