Export Histories to Engine Prime

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there’s plans/ a way to get histories we perform exported into engine prime on our computer.

When using the competition, all your histories get imported back into the software for viewing outside of your hardware which was a feature I utilised a lot.

Reason for asking is a friend is covering a gig of mine and asked for a history to see roughly how I play the gig, there is no way of being able to send this list to him as you can in other softwares/ platforms.

So could we add performance history to engine OS as well as the option to export these as a list (.xml? Or PDF?) so they can ultimately be shared

If you connect unit to engine. Goto coputer mode. Click on the drive icon and select drive you want hustory from. Under that drive you will have a history icon. Expand that and select the date. There is your history that you can then create a new playlist in collection and add those tracks to it.

Does this work with usb’s as well?

Should do. As long as usb is in unit when its connected to engine and you can see it in engine , then yes you can see history and drag it to a new playlist. It doesnt work AFAIK if you play over various drives in one session . BUT the workround is to look at each drives history for that date and then drag each history file over… should be able to work playlist out from there

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Just as @Dj-alzy said, you can either save the history as a playlist or download it as a text file (.CSV). Go to the History on the Drive/USB used and right-click the date.

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@Mixlive . Cheers for that.

I didn’t know about the right click options. Thats even better.

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Brilliant thanks guys this hasn’t been widely publicised so thank you for your help :+1:t2:

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No worries. Often clicking and playing after reading manual reveals a few hidden gems

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