Ok im sorry mods but I don’t have time or the inclination to search the ‘extensive’ problem threads to find if each issue has been covered else where. And to be honest, I think 3500 quid spent on sc5000s and an x1800 has earned me the right not to have to do so. Am sure the set up could do all the stuff promised in the shiny videos… If you’ve been lucky. But I haven’t been, and it looks like many others haven’t been either.

Where to start. Engine (the very basics for goodness sake) not saving cue points, loops etc, player connection to usb being routinely lost mid mix requiring reboot of player, players not networking on start up, bpm being misread on analysis… We could go on. Am sorry but Luke, or whoever he is, would have to be very laid back to take this setup into a club environment. Ive used rekordbox for years and how many posts like this did I need to make on pioneers forums in that time? Absolutely none. But nevermind, we’ll have WiFi soon to sweeten the suffering. Are we going to fix Engine at the very least or do I need to send this stuff back before it’s too late?


Lol Sure…if you only plan on communicating with inMusic employees (and for that you have email support on Denon page). But this is a user forum were you are supposed to get suport from other users also and not have that attitude.

Lol indeed man. Pardon me all iover the place for expressing a frustrated opinion that might not confirm to your forum perception… And who are you to acuse folks of attitude. Im a bit fed up just haviing shelled out a fortune. So with respect…

My thoughts entirely. If you bought a car that you didn’t like the car radio of , just how much support would you get from the car dealer on a Sunday night, hours, after they’d closed

Call the support team for your country in the Monday morning and see what they say until then you’re just phishing for peer to peer advice from other forum users who tend to be co-operative when not “attituded”