Everything loads in at 120 BPM

This is a problem I can see many others are having from various other feeds - but the suggested solution (running ‘re-analyse’ in Engine DJ (desktop) software doesn’t work. This may move the beat grid slightly - but I can’t get it to move from 120 BPM. Rather than having to go through my whole library at fix the BPM manually track by track - is there a better way I can get this fixed? For info - I’m running a library where most tracks have previously been analysed in Traktor (my old platform), have been through Lexicon (was this my mistake?) and then pushed into Engine DJ (then synced to an SSD drive, but that doesn’t seem to be where the problem is). Any tips on how I can avoid this problem (reimporting from traktor etc) - or am I now just stuck with having to go through my whole library and fine it track by track?

i dm’ed you Neil

Did You selected the proper bpm range for analysis?

I have run in the same problem (wrong BPM) and what others suggested was to remove the BPM information from the song files (MP3 tag) before importing and analysing it with Engine DJ.

In my case I imported songs from Apple Music because my try to import my Traktor library endet up in a chaos. But since I am currently suffering through by 2 month Beatport Link trial I did not keep on the figure out how to make it better :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the suggestions. From looking though the various fora/posts you’ve suggested, I managed to fine my way to a fix that worked for me. The ‘reanalyse’ option in Engine DJ wasn’t working as the beatgrid was locked on almost all tracks. I went though them one by one and unlocked (took a while!) - then the reanalyse sorted out all of the errant BPMs. I didn’t find any issues after that with beat grids - they all seemed to line up. But that maybe because most of the tracks had been imported from a previous traktor library where the beat grids were correct. Thanks for you help all!


Great that You have it sorted out. Happy mixing!