Ethernet link fault in usb mode

Hi all, I keep getting an Ethernet link connection fault on deck 2 when using a USB loaded into deck 1. The music stops on deck 2 and the screen info disappears completely for no reason, I have to press back on file search and it reappears and will allow me to reload a track on deck 2 and play fine but will fault out randomly 2/3 times in hour. Replaced Ethernet cable but problem still occurs.

Is there a fix or update to correct this problem?


Happens also when you switch the usb to other unit (usb in unit 2, unit 1 shows same issues?)

Tried with not analyed files?

yes, place usb in deck 2 and link to deck 1 still failed mid track.

Not tried non analysed files, will give that a go and see how it responds. Not sure if this is relevant but I was playing some tracks in engine from the same folder and they were skipping like a bad cd. I increased the rip quality to Max mp3 in windows media player when the cds were ripped to the PC library. Might try RE ripping to wav and see how that goes?


So, in conclusion, what is the solution to link fault on usb mode? It is a software issur or a hardware issue? The issue has been solved by Denon or not?

Probably a bad usb stick IMHO. Always test with a new usb stick, then clean id3 tags from a test files and run them again through Engine.

You are saying one should depend on engine software to be able to play files without issues? What if you have a proper file, with correct id3tag metadata, including BPM value? This file should be played flawlessly by the player without any preparation in Engine software. In fact, the player should be able to play flawlessly with any type of files (analysed or not) as long as they meet the requirements for sample rate and bit depth. By suggesting to remove the id3tag one could try to test for a possible corrupted metadata.

It’s called troubleshooting. Dial down the butthurt.