ETA on Serato DJ Support?

I was just curious if there is an ETA on Serato DJ support the the SC5000 Prime? I got my players today and just taking them out of the box. I have a VERY large library as i play for everything from weddings to hip hop and EDM. I have spend years organizing my Crates and prefer to play from my laptop most of the time as that has been my work flow for many years. Soooo if anyone from Denon has any answers on SDJ support that would help me get ready to put these into regular service!!

BTW these look and feel INCREDIBLE! The build quality is outstanding. They make any other media player I have seen and played on feel a child’s toy.

Thanks Denon!

Hi Scott - I’d like to say we’re optimistic for July, but this is by no means confirmed as yet. Just keep an eye on these Forums for breaking news.

Thanks for getting back to me Paul. I love players what little time I have had to play on them. As powerful as the on board library management is, sometimes in my sets i change songs too quickly to look them up and load the tracks from the 5000’s. I can not wait to upgrade my 3900’s to the players to control Serato DJ.

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