Error Prime 4

So it’s all gotten worse now. Even after updating to 3.1, it only got worse. Now the device is constantly in a “demo” mode. Doesn’t recognize a USB stick anymore. All buttons are off or unresponsive.

I turned off WiFi, same problem, I just played on Tidal same problem. I even bought the hard drive again, reformatted it, and still got the same error. He hangs himself again and again. No image is shown in the display of the jog wheel.

Slowly I’m also at my wit’s end. The device was so expensive, the season as a dj is just starting and I’m standing there with broken technology. I didn’t think I’d ever regret switching from Pioneer to denon. At the moment, I’m doing that a lot. Since I have to see now. And that’s just not even 1 year after the new purchase.

I also have photos and videos of it.

I found the error. I had set the brightness of the display to max on a last job, since then I had the error. Now I had the brightness on low while playing and everything went, as soon as I set it to max the error occurred immediately. Sound gone and device has hung up.

So, the displays of the jog wheel are now permanently off. They don’t do any animation at all now.