Error in the track screen

Can someone help me? My SC6000 has a difference on the tracks as shown in the photo. As you can see the track is finished (time 0000, and total view of the track) but in the detail to the left of the cue there is still audio. I hope the problem is clear and I thank you for the welcome solutions.

Try to re-analyse the track. Maybe there is a data base error

Hi @CiocioDJ,

does this happen only with one specific track? or with any track loaded?

As @NoiseRiser already mentioned, reanalysing could be the first step to check.

Pls check too, what Firmware is installed on the decks? always update Firmware (Engine OS) and Engine Desktop Software to the latest Version.

what happens if you load non-analysed tracks? Does the inbuild player analysis cause the same offset?