EQ Knob Sensitivity

Hey I’m interested in the x1850 and recently demoed an x1800 where I noticed that the eq channel knobs killed the sound at 9 o’ clock (iirc it was in isolation mode). That was definitely more sudden than my current mixer. Is it similar on the x1850? Is it possible to modify so the sound kills at around 7 o’ clock to allow for more gradual and precise eq blends? Thanks

Hello @noname I own a X1800, and I can confirm, that this is not normal. Sound should be killed only on complete turn of the knob to the left. At 9 o’clock You should still hear it. Unless you have set gains very low, so it is more quiet…?


Glad to hear that the x1800/x1850 EQs function as expected. The x1800 I tested was part of a a demo display at a local retailer. It was in rough condition. I can’t remember the gain levels, don’t think there was anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for the info

No problem, You’re welcome. By the way - in the menu of the mixer you can adjust the frequency crossing points between eq knobs to suit Your taste.

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