Engine syncing problems

Hi, i’ve played all my life with several Denon Products and i was happy with buying the new CS6000. Because finally i can leave my laptop at home, but i’ve got an annoying issue with engine. Ik make my playlists in the software on my Macbook, I’ve installed the new software version, also on the players. But when i synchronise my libary with the HD in my SC 6000. It doesn’t do the job. I was working for hours for setting cue points and ratings but it still don’t synchonise like it should be. Last week i made a map with 90’s music, 4 hours of work for setting cue points, synchronise and nada, its not showing like on my laptop; No cue points no ratings, and yes the doubles are back in the playlist. This can not be right. So please what is wrong with the the synchronisation.

Hi, even my Engine does not synchronize the work done on my Prime 4. I formatted the internal SSD and it gives me a corrupt G database problem (I left out because there is no G disk). Engine finishes the synchronization work but on the Prime I find all the files in alphabetical order. Basically it does NOT sync playlists and everything else. Even the Recordbox keys are no longer read by the console. It’s a work of several years … it would be frustrating to have to do it all over again. I have Engine latest version and it runs on Windows 8 Pro. This problem has already occurred with the previous version and I have been dragging it from New Year’s Eve … it’s crazy!

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Been here, done that! It’s a dissaster! Even tried to import new setting and cue pointe with Mixed in Key, after losing all my manual cue point settings and loops due to the import in Prime! After 2 daya of Mixed in Key processing, nothing!!!

Denon Shouf have bought Native Instruments, cause Traktor was lightyears ahead years ago! It feels like these engineers didn’t look at the benchmarks, but Ties to invent the Wheel instemde, hence we’re Stickman with this 1700’ish type of software that doesn’t even coke close to recordbox and certainly not Trakor from many years ago…. It’s a shame


Same here, latest software 2.3.1, created sets on my prime go, and with the USB plugged in to the PC I see the sets in my main list in Engine DJ, and I can’t synchronse USB to PC, but when I remove the USB, the sets are removed from the main Engine DJ list. How can I sync a set created on my gear back to the PC to keep another copy? Very frustrating, as the only way I can get the sets over is to create it track by track manually in Engine DJ? Surely there’s a better way? Please advise Denon DJ…