Engine Prime will not update serato libary

Engine Prime will not update or import Serato library. I have hit the update library tab and nothing happens. No new jobs become available. I have even quit the application and deleted engine library folder from my music folder then reopen engine with the same issue persisting.

Windows or Mac

Internal or External library

Share more details and perhaps the good folks here can help.

Mac external Library over a network. The folders show within engine under the Import from folders tab but serato crates do not. It is important for me to sync from serato because my seato libaby is a bit differently structured compared to the folders structure on the network drive.

All my music is stored on a m.2 Nvme drive on a windows PC. I am running serato on my MacBook Pro with the searto library pointed to the network drive. I then open engine prime on my Mac and not able to import the Serato crates located on the same device. I hope that clarifies my setup.

Engine prime does not support NAS

You will have to use local storage

Yes it does. Yes it does I had no choice but to import the folders manually from the network via Engine prime library since it would not recognize the serato crates. which should not have been an issue because the serato library was located locally on the same machine i was running engine.

It’s going to be best for you to call denon customer service. I’m sure you’re clear about what you’re trying to say, but it’s not coming across with clarity.

Eg) you’ve got files on a Nas and they’re on the local:drive of the laptop

If I am not mistaken this is how it is supposed to work.


There is a feature request for it


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