Engine Prime v1.3.2 Now Available!

Hi Everyone!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of Engine Prime v1.3.2. This update includes a number of new features, improvements and stability enhancements.

A big thank you to our Engine Prime Private Beta Team for helping us test and refine this release. :raised_hands:

Here is the overview video highlighting a few of the key features.

Please find the download and full release notes below.


Important Notices:

  • As of Engine Prime v1.3.2, macOS El Capitan 10.11 has been removed from the officially supported operating systems.
  • macOS Catalina 10.15 is not yet supported. This support is planned for the next release.
  • Current supported Mac OS versions include 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14.
  • Current supported Windows versions include 8.1 (up to date) and 10 (64-bit only).

Engine Prime v1.3.2 - Release Notes

New Features:

  • Added Serato Crate play order being retained when imported as a Playlist
  • BPM detection improvements
  • Added waveform zoom controls in the deck area
  • Added Playlist total time and file size in track list
  • Added Crate total time and file size in track list
  • Added the ability to select multiple tracks to drag to desktop or external applications
  • Added the ability to drag and drop a folder from your files system into the Playlist area to create a new Playlist
  • Improved the import and update time for Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor and iTunes libraries
  • Text selection highlight retained when Hot Cue color selected
  • When the collection update button is pressed, the song list is now focused on the collection being updated
  • Metadata is imported for more WAV formats
  • Added warning when deleting Crates
  • Changed “Publisher” to “Label” in Sorting Columns

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed issue with the scan running even if MCX8000 compatibility scan was set to off
  • Fixed crash when using Skype with Bluetooth headphones
  • Fixed issue with unsupported drives showing user profiles
  • Fixed issue where some tracks appear with 00.00 track length
  • Fixed possible crash with duplicate sound cards attached
  • Fixed possible crash when exporting to external device
  • Fixed possible crash on shutdown
  • Fixed possible issue with mouse scrolling sometimes jumping up to top of the tracklist
  • Fixed possible freeze when dragging tracks around library
  • Fixed issue with locked tracks failing to export to device
  • Fixed refresh of track list in collection view for third party library imports
  • Fixed issue with file duplication using Unicode characters on Windows
  • Fixed the track highlight refocusing to the first track in a Crate when removing a track
  • Fixed an issue with repacked playlist folders resulting in incorrect track count on hardware
  • Fixed possible crash when updating Serato library
  • Fixed an issue with Rekordbox files displaying file size incorrectly in File Size column
  • Fixed and issue with BPM Sort for Rekordbox and main library collection views
  • Various stability tweaks and improvements

Cool, let’s try it tonight, hope it includes some ‘preparation’ for the new 5000’s firmware :slight_smile:

Retain serato track order…thank the gods! :heart:

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STOP !!! It’s completely bugged. It randomly detects the database , and you can’t drag multiple files from crates to playlist anymore, it doesn’t work. I’ll reinstall v1.3.1

And warning, new analysis may corrupt your old database. (And I try it on 3 different mac with different OS X, it is the same)

Please update it as soon as possible.

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You’re not making any sense

Ehhhhhhhhh? Come again?

Anyone else have anything to report?

Especially in the BPM department? Wanna throw it on mine but running an event next few days and can’t! : /

Sorry for my english… When you open EP 1.3.2, the first time it is good, then the second time your database is completely gone, you close it and it’s back the third time.

Second problem : you can’t drag and drop multiple files with trackpad from Crates to Playlists… and the EP program is slowwwwww

I’ve reinstalled v1.3.1 (after deleting the 1.3.2) and all works fine again. So please upate to ;))

I have a free month so I’ll throw it on now and report back in half hour or so…

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Hmmm that is VERY hard to believe. This build went through 6 rounds of end user beta testing and multiple full regression sweeps post beta.

If you have a solid reproduction of the issues, please document and post them to the Bug Report area and we will review.


Can confirm…everything seems to work. Not sure on the BPM detection stuff as I usually beat match by ear and have not come across any issues as I tend to use serato for tracklist sorting etc.

Also, I opened and closed the program a few times to check out the above, never lost any collection but it did have an issue when maximising the window, could just be my laptop though so not overly concerned!


Did you notice this bit?

So I do see one minor issue, when you launch the application, Collection is not selected by default which might appear as if the tracks are missing. To fix this just click on the word collection. All tracks are still there. You’ll need to select a list in order to prep or transfer anyways. So this is purely a visual inconvenience but its something we should patch in the next update.

Copying songs from Playlists to Crates or Crates to Playlists is working as expected in my environment.

Selecting multiple tracks with shift, cmd, or cmd+A is working as expected in my environment.

Overall the application is running much faster than the previous version.


I can’t load it. It gets stuck on initializing graphical user interface. I have updated all of my video drivers and all windows updates but get nothing.

What OS on your computer?

Has anyone tried to reanalyse tracks where the BPM was wrong previously?

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Is there any way to import Serato history?

Windows 10 pro buil;d 18362.356

Hey @crazycraig, not directly. You would need to copy the tracks to a crate within Serato first, then import that crate. Serato history lists are not something we have access to within Engine Prime.

Hmm shouldn’t be a problem. Have you checked for any Windows updates and restarted your PC recently?