Engine Prime Tabbed Content Windows


I have been using Engine to create various playlists and crates, and one thing I have noted that slows down my workflow is the inability to view two windows of content at the same time.

For instance, if I have created a new playlist under the playlist tab and then want to add tracks to this playlist, I have to navigate to the correct crate in the other tab, ensure that I single click that crate to list the contents on the right pane, and then switch back to the playlists tab to drag content from the right pane to the new playlist.

If I happen to accidentally click an item in the hierarchy in the left pane, the right pane is then replaced immediately with that content.

In rekordbox, you have the ability to have multiple content panes open along-side each other which makes dragging content around far quicker and more intuitive.

Is there a plan in a future update to provide similar browsing capabilities, or have I perhaps missed a feature of the current Engine Prime software that already enables this?

I hope the above makes sense.