Engine prime Software

Does the engine software needs it’s On hard drive I mean separate External drive

No. Your music can be anywhere on your computers drive, from the iTunes location to a music folder. When you load music into your collection, it will only save a link to the location of your original track. It IS important for that reason to not move the files once you added them. Good policy is therefor to create a central place where you keep all your DJ tracks in a logical folder structure (or just one big batch in a single folder).

Clearly if you want to export stuff to take with you to a gig, you will need a memory stick or external HD to put both Prime information (database) and tracks on.

I bought a new MacBook I plan to take the new 4 TB hard drive and put all of my music folders in one folder and have the computer read my iTunes library off that one external hard drive The MacBook Pro does not have a big enough hard drive itself that’s why am using the 4 TB I do not want to clog up my computer so it will move slow Is that the best way to do it and then when I’ll be able to use that hard drive on my Desktop computer. And another question How big of a dumb drive can I use on the sc5000 64 or 128 And how much music can I put on it without overwhelming the sc5000

Djjunn, I believe a quick read through the FAQ should answer any and all drive related questions you may have about drive size/type/song count, etc… : http://denondj.com/kb/article/2236#Storage

We can then answer any further questions that may come up here :).

Hope that helps, Vince